Solutions Spotlight

Problem: You tend to be forgetful when it comes to sending out cards to your friends, family and clients.

Managing your contact list, knowing who to send what to and how to do this can become time consuming and overwhelming.

Solution: AAS can positively handle this for you in two ways:

1. By using a manual system where you buy the cards, you can either write your own note, sign and send to our office to complete the process or you can write your own note and our office will write and sign on your behalf to complete the mailing;

2. Our office can help you set up an account with a card service such as Send Out Cards.

Our system organizes all of your contacts and makes sending cards to your friends, family and clients a breeze!

Problem: You have your contact lists in several places either on your computer system or in paper formats. In addition, your lists are out of date and missing key information.

Your frustration is in trying to consolidate the lists so you have a master list that can be used for a variety of applications. It is very laborious and time consuming.

Solution: AAS can work with your various formats and consolidate your lists into one succinct effective master document that can be used with ease.

During the consolidation process, we update the data and insert any important missing pieces of information. In addition, we can manage and maintain the database to keep it up to date.


“…we have found a true professional.”

“After working with Marit Fox for the past couple of years, we have found a true professional. She is someone who cares about the organization and the people she works with. In fact, she keeps the organization informed of appropriate events and possible speakers that will be beneficial to our members all the while keeping our Mission and Vision top of mind. Her organization skills and execution are second to none. We are all so very lucky to have Marit as our administrator.”

—Maxine Goulding, , President, NAWBO - Silicon Valley, Owner, California Special Occasions

“Marit freed up time and allowed me to focus on strategic planning…”

“I hired Marit Fox to help me with projects like setting up a monthly newsletter and handing administrative details for my LinkedIn and Facebook workshops. Once Marit took over, I didn’t have to worry about the details. For example, she not only handled workshop administration, she also took on contract negotiations with a national hotel chain, set up online registration, and managed the advertising campaign. Results: Marit freed up time and allowed me to focus on strategic planning and growing the business in new directions. I highly recommend Marit Fox of Abundant Administrative Services!”

—MB Deans, Douglas Partners

“I highly recommend her…”

“Marit Fox is a joy to work with. She is professional and organized as she brings her many years of experience to the workplace. In working with Marit over the last several years, I have found her to be dependable and trustworthy in dealing with confidential information. She is also flexible and has worked with me to accommodate time sensitive projects. I highly recommend her!”

—Monika Miles, Labhart Miles Consulting Group

“Efficient, timely and professional…”

“I have given Marit several projects to complete over the past few years. She has consistently handled every project in an efficient, timely, and professional manner, which has allowed me to serve my clients more efficiently. I highly recommend Marit’s administrative services!”

—Anthony F. Earle, Attorney at Law

“She contributes much more…”

“Marit’s work is impeccable. I especially appreciated her attention to detail. I would definitely work with Marit again, and have given her name to several of my associates. Marit not only delivers what she promises—she contributes much more.”

—Sherry Simmons, Simmons Consulting